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Park Ji Soo for Sweet Revenge Fall 2014 lookbook



so I got two codes and used one, but i have second code to give out!  I don’t even know so it’s for everyone!  Giveaway time!  Here’s the rules tho:

  • You do not have to follow me. I don’t want people to just follow me for the giveaway.
  • Followers may get a special gift though.
  • If you followed me before the giveaway, I’ll definitely buy you a $10 on steam too.
  • You have to reblog this post [likes don’t count]
  • Reblog with “Pepsi is the best” in the tags to enter.
    [It’ll allow me to know who read the rules to enter and who didn’t]
  • No giveaway blogs.
  • You have to have a 3DS and Pokemon X/Y.
  • The giveaway ends the 25th of October.

If you wanna follow me, I post Digimon, furries, persona, pokemon, live blog games sometimes, soul eater, nge, tokyo ghoul, and other things.  

I have officialibuki for dangan ronpa, ideattheshitoutofthatraccoon for the walking dead stuff [mainly game], and devonjospeh for total drama

but yeah!  Good luck!

update: i got like 2 more cards so now 3 gengars are up for grabs for 3 different people.  US gengars tho.